I’ve since been asked to create a poster to go along with the flyer I did earlier.

I figured I needed to keep it along the theme of the flyer with the brownie-orange and purply-blue colors (new color combination for me, I think I’ll use it again).

Instead of just the performing artists’ faces, as in the flyer, I decided to place them on record covers instead (have semi-removed records to create the illusion that those are indeed record covers). also placed a drop shadow on each of the records to create a 3d illusion on the records … have to admit I didnt do the same for the vinyl records - time pressures.
As an additional note, Bantu Soul and Sis n Jones used those pics in their respective album covers so I figured that it might be interesting to use the pics this way.

Two font types (Broadway and Century Gothic - just realised that I’ve been abusing the latter in a lot of my work, lol) where used to give the page a lil bit of character in terms of writing.

I’m still in learning bevel art and lasered lines and all that complicated weird glowi shapes. I didnt want to place half hearted work on the page and opted for a Gimp flame pattern. because its randomized, it couldnt get it to come out as nicely as it did on the flyer, so I faded it out a lil bit, just to give the page a bit of charecter as well.

Let me know what you think in the comments section. l8r…

PS. I think Im getting free [hopefully vip] tickets for this work… see you in Polokwane?