Migrating my Google account

I turned a year older the other day, and with maturity I decided to let go of my old Google handle for a more grown up one. I honestly don’t remember, nor can I rationalise that handle.

Anyway, I followed this easy guide from Lifehacker, which starts with the following words (proving I’m not alone):

Whether you finally decided to shed sassyhacker957@gmail.com for a more professional handle or you want to swap Google accounts for less embarrassing reasons

Without repeating the lifehacker article, a few things not mentioned in the article:

  • Drive and a Different Domain:When moving your Google drive documents to an account in a different domain (e.g. from gmail to an apps account, as is my case), you will have to download and re-upload said files and not just transfer ownership.
  • Google+ pagesThere’s a two week delay (strange diversion of the one week delay for profile migration) to transfer ownership of a page to a new manager. At the time of writing, I still have two Google+ profiles as I’m waiting to transfer ownership of my page to my new profile.
  • Takeout uploadYou would (atleast I do) think whatever you download via Takeout you should be able to re-upload, in the same account or another. Also, Takeout archives expire.

Despite the frustration of the wait in this process, I’m pretty satisfied with how it went. Now the next task is convince my contacts to delete my old handle and use the new one. I’m keeping my old gmail handle to receive all the group, social and newsletter email.

Next, I’ll be reserving a decent handle for my 4 year old son, so that he doesn’t have to go through this one day.