How turning off my ringtone worked out

A few years ago I put my phone on vibration only (killing off the
ringtone). I’ve since felt lighter since and it’s helped me overcome two

  • Ringing phone anxiety: that feeling that you heard your
    phone ring, but it didn’t? Well that’s gone now. No more constant checking of my phone because I thought I
    heard it ring, or running from across the room (possibly bumping into
    stuff on my rush to it).
  • Missed call guilt: these days if I’ve missed a
    call then I’ve missed it, that’s it. I figure if its important they’ll
    call back, if I was expecting the call I’ll call back. 

Essentially I’ll only interact with my phone if it is on my person, and the invinsible leash it had me on is broken.

I was inspired to write this after reading Nafisa’s article on Why she turned off notifications. I think notifications are next for me.