Hello world! Again!

So, I plan to start writing again... I used to enjoy writing random stuff and contributing to the 'stuff that no-one will ever read' category of content on the interwebs. Call this a comeback.

This wordpress blog is the evolution of the previous static about.me page that used to redirect from this lesegoraleie.info domain. It is the continuation of my previous tumblr and posterous blogs. In fact, I've found a way to import the content from both blogs, and depending on when you read this, it will be like I've been blogging on this domain for years, or not.

This blog is a bit more than 'stuff that no-one will ever read', it's my public motivational journal. I'll force myself to contribute regularly to it. I'll have to learn some cool stuff in order for me to post in the category 'Stuff I didn't know yesterday'. I'll have to do something pretty cool in order to write about 'Cool sheet I did today'. I'll have to finish a book a month in order to review my 'Book of the month'. You get the picture. At the very least, this blog will make me look like I know what the hell I'm doing.

Great to be back.