If I Were To Personalise My Number Plate

Yesterday morning on my commute to work I saw the number plate GR00VY GP, and I thought to myself, 'oi, that's a groovy number plate', then asked myself, 'really dude?'. Yeah, I talk to myself.

Then I wondered to myself, if I were to 'semi-personalise' my Gauteng Province number plates, what would they be... But because I can't think of every 6 letter word, I figured, let me write something that can list for me all six letter words which can have the two middle letters swapped out for numbers. I've spent the last 10 odd minutes writing the genesis of the Custom Plates App (I'm in the process copyrighting that name, don't you dare).

So here are my candidate plates:

  • BO31NG GP - This is for the Maybach that'll drive me to the airport,
  • FR05TY GP - Likely for the BMW M1, too cool, or
  • YA00RT GP - When I just feel like trolling the Joburg (also because I don't think I understand how to use this dictionary).


I downloaded my dictionary/wordlist from SCOWL (And Friends), pulled a few of the words into a console app, searched for 6 letter words, replaced S's with 5's, O's with 0's, I's with 1's and E's with 3's and et. voila, YA00RT. I'll share the awful code tomorrow, just so I can post something.