Stuff I didn’t know yesterday

  1. Stuff about the Congo Pedicle road:

    The Congo Pedicle road is a road that crosses through the Democratic Republic of Congo, from the Republic of Zambia to, wait for it, the Republic of Zambia. You could literally leave one side of Zambia, drive in a straight line for under 2 hours and end up in Zambia again. It's like how Pacman teleports from one side of the screen and reappears on the other, except this takes you over an hour and you have to go through customs. Here it is on a map:

    Anyway, Pedicle is 'used in the sense of a little foot', insinuating that the DRC has a foot inside of Zambia. European powers are apparently responsible for this. The road, although in DRC territory, was constructed by and is maintained by Zambia to connect its Copperbelt and Luapula Provinces.

  2. Stuff about the Clocolan:

    The original name of the small town in the Free State province is actually Hlohlolwane (Sesotho for Hlohla-o-lwane, "get up and fight"). New inhabitants (Europeans?) went with a more convenient Clocolan. I thought this might be the case when I drove past here in March 2015 and saw this on my map:

    Driving through Hlohlolwane with Waze Maps

    Driving through Hlohlolwane with Waze Maps

    Incidentally, on that very week, my companions and I drove from South Africa through Lesotho and ended up in South Africa again...

    PS. If you are looking to road trip to Cape Town from Johannesburg, try this hella awesome route: