If you were to personalise your number plate

boob gp

Please, don't do this.

So you're looking for some decent English words that you can personalise your number plate with? Well, you've come to the right place. As mentioned in a previous article, I wrote a bit of code, which I'll share below, to help figure out these words. Here:

There's been a few changes since the last article. Firstly I've changed the dictionary to the much usable 'An English Word List'. Secondly, the code is actually executable online thanks to the .Net Fiddle. So, go on, type 6 next to the > and hit enter.

NB: I'm struggling with a 'Memory usage limit was exceeded' error, I gather .Net Fiddle is not handling the data-size too well, so you'll only be able to work with words from A-E. If the the error comes up, hit refresh.

So, what's your next number plate going to be? How about CH33RS GP? EG01ST GP is more appropriate for you, I think. :p