A tale of the fitbit bands, a math wiz and Superbalist

I've been dragging my feet about buying a set of replacement bands for my fitbit flex wireless tracker for the last month. I mean that literally... because if I'm not earning steps, there's really no point in 'clocking up steps'.

Anyway, I found the R399 price tag excessive but because I have no choice, I committed to parting with 4 klippa (hood speak reserved for the bosso's (more hood speak)). I went out over the weekend to procure the said bands, but as fate would have it, no one had them in stock. Enter Superbalist, and the 'R250 off the first purchasetakealot sent me a month ago. On Wednesday I'll have my bands, a set of dominoes, and a slick set of playing cards, and it all cost me R377.

I plan to teach my son how to play said dominoes and cards. He might grow up to become a super successful chronic gambler and math wiz-kid, or something else, in which I'll have to go pulp fiction on his ass.

Anyway, I found some really cool stuff at Superbalist such as a freaking boomerang, Jules (aka "I dare you to say what again") and some more cool stuff that's begging to get on my office desk. Do check 'em out, and if you do, tell 'em I sent you.