If you’re spending the weekend in front of a computer

Here’s some cool links to hold you down over the weekend:

  • Bucket list! 50 things to do in a lifetime – I’ve never felt my life is unfulfilling, but this list makes me think it twice. Some of the items will only cost you your time (Teach your language to people, dance in the rain, volunteer at an old age home).
  • Best things to do in Johannesburg – I’ve lived in Johannesburg for almost 10 years, never heard of some of these places. I don’t live in Auckland Park anymore, but I’ll go have my first dop at 44 Stanley at my old neighborhood.
  • Unique SA’n words and phrases – Not a comprehensive list, because they don’t have dop (which is a drink), but hey, pretty cool.
  • Cape Town time lapse – I sometimes don’t blame Capetonians, they really live in a different place.
  • The best Nasa pictures of 2015 – Looking up in the sky will never be the same.



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