Stuff I didn’t know yesterday: Leap years

Somewhere between being a bouncy hungry to learn everything teen and boring 9-to-5'er, I rounded up a full year to 365.25 days. It's actually 365.24219 days, which makes my year longer by over 11 minutes.

It would be July 15, 2017 today if no Leap Day existed.
(via This Isn't Happiness)

Anyway, I know we use the Gregorian Calendar system (after Pope Gregory XIII, of course). But what I didn't know was that this calendar was a fix to the Julian Calendar (after Julius Caesar). So Julius was the genius who came up with February 29th, and years that were 11 minutes longer. Greg just added some extra complexities, such as If a leap year falls on a century, a year ending in double zeroes, you only add a leap day if it’s divisible by 400. Because of that there was no leap year in 1900, and there won't be one in 2100.

We live and we learn. All credit to good folks at Quartz for the enlightening article. Also, check out this cool vid: