Save 7 lives

Meet Coleman Sweeney:

Great video, right?

Anyway, a few weeks ago I finally got around to doing my last Will and Testament. Capital Legacy helped me get mine... it's free. Anyway, one of the questions they asked me when I was considering my mortality is if I would like to become an organ donor. I didn't answer immediately, and took a few more weeks to consider. In that time I ended up at the website for the Organ Donor Foundation and they answered a few concerning 'worries':

  • How do doctors know I am really dead?
    Two doctors, who are completely independent of the transplant team, have to perform detailed tests before a person can be declared brain dead. The criteria for brain death are very strictly adhered to and
    accepted medically, legally and ethically in South Africa and internationally.
  • Does being a donor delay the funeral?
    No. As soon as the donated organs / tissue has been removed, the body is returned to the family to bury or cremate.
  • Does organ / tissue donation leave my body disfigured?
    No. The utmost respect and dignity is given to the donor at all times. The recovery of organs and tissue are carried out with great care by surgeons and trained staff and the process does not change the way the body looks.
  • Can I change my mind?
    Yes. You can change your mind at any time. Simply tear up your organ donor card and remove your sticker from your ID document and driver's license. Please inform your family that you no longer wish to be an organ donor.
  • Which organs can be transplanted?
    Your heart, liver and pancreas can save three lives and your kidneys and lungs can help up to 4 people. You can save seven lives.


And so I signed up. Firstly because I have the potential to save SEVEN lives, also because I can still change my mind - but until I do, I have 8 lives to live. How's that for immortality?

Do the cool thing, sign up to be an organ donor.