34 in 34 days

In 34 days I turn 34. I've unfortunately come to terms with it; and in acknowledging it I've resolved to make the best of it. But first... I want to fix a few things. In the next 34 days I want to cultivate a few habits and disciplines:

- Wake up early. I follow an instagram profile called before5am, I'm totally sold on most of what they stand for (i.e. 'success starts before 5am!'). So my plan is to become a before5am'er in the next phase of my life.
- Spend more time in God's presence. I use the bible app and do a few reading plans at time, but I don't feel it's enough. I want to have more immersive experiences with God - 'spiritually woke' if you will
- Practice a gratitude attitude. Life has become so busy, chasing one thing after the other, I hardly ever step out to acknowledge and appreciate all I have, all I've been through.
- Exercise regularly. I'm actually a two time marathon runner, but honestly, I only completed those runs on luck alone - zero preparation. I only ever train when I feel like it (which is hardly), I now realise that I could do so much better and be much more convincing if I had a regular training and excercise routine.
- Plan and score. I've been keeping squares papers with lists of things to do per day for the last few years, but commitment has wained in the last few months. In the next 34 I need to get back to my goal smashing ways.
- Read. I've been meaning to read more books all my life, but I've ended up reading more Facebook and Instagram posts. Besides lost time and the accompanying guilt, I get nothing from it. Thing is I can get bragging rights for reading a book, even if it's trash.

I think all this can be summed in three quotes:

If you do not rise early you can make progress in nothing. ~ William Pitt Chatham

Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need. ~ Matthew 3:66 (NLT)

Successful people do consistently what normal people do occasionally. ~ Craig Groeschel

So for the next 34 days until my birthday on the 24th, I'll come here and account to the interwebs what time I woke up, what I got from my bible time, what I'm grateful for and what I did on the day.

Wish me luck.