31 to 34 – Gains

Today I went with my wife to a Pilates class at our local Virgin Active. It was actually really good. I typically spend about a minute stretching after a run, but that's maybe not enough. I went into the class with my joints cracking with every bend but by the end of it I felt really good, and my joints haven't cracked and it's evening. I have to admit, it wasn't an easy class, but being the only dude in class, I wasn't about to admit the 2kg weights had become too heavy.

I was up early and spent quite a bit of time on the phone - this is a habit that I need to have kicked by age 34. I did however manage to pick up rocks and rubble from my garden - a task I've delayed for over a month. I'll soon start working on reviving the lawn. I took a drive to Sokhulumi to go fetch the boy from late in the morning. I swear he's grown up in the last two weeks he's been away. As usual, he talked my ears off all the way back (about a 90 minute drive). Anyway, only managed to get back straight to church in time for serving the evening service.

Church is an absolute joy. I really enjoy serving the kids. Today's Christmas eve service was a special combined service, including my normal class and a younger group - we had 170 kiddies in the venue which used to be the first main church (incredible, right). It felt overwhelming at first but we pulled it off - somehow - all credit to the Holy Spirit. I'm really grateful to attend and serve in a great church - impacting lives and changing our country's trajectory one person at a time.

On my way to pick up the boy, I listened to a sermon by Rich Wilkerson Jnr titled 'Miracle in motion - the art of bothering God'. This was a highlight of the day for me. One of his talking points was how 'Your gain is in your again' - basically meaning if you are looking to find gains (progress), do it again, and again and again - gains are found in agains. His focus scripture was about the widow in Luke 18 who persistently (or again and again) bothered a judge about finding justice, until the judge gave in. The widow found gain in her again. That's worth remembering.