30 to 34 – Merry Christmas

This has to be by far one of the best Christmases I've had. Started off the day with a 5km hill training run - there's an tough/steep hill not far from my house, ran it twice. I didn't mean to maintain the ~6"20 pace, but I did, and I'm happy.

We hit church for the 10am service. I've mentioned before that church is an absolute joy, right? The Christmas service is usually fun, celebratory is what they go for - the worship set is much more upbeat, happy if you like. This year we celebrated The Promised One!.

Wife and I are still trying to establish a Christmas tradition that works really well for us. What is currently working is a big meal (she goes all the way with it), we make as many phone calls as possible throughout the day reaching out to family, exchange gifts - we do this mostly for the boy to keep the wonder of Christmas in him (but also we're very careful to remind him what the day is really about), we'll watch a movie together (we watched Trolls this year [on my insistence]), take videos of each other to reflect on the day and the year (we usually address our future selves in the videos, and it was fun watching last year's and 2015's videos), and generally have a lazy day. I should have read a book, but I didn't - Facebook won.

Needless to say, today I'm particularly grateful for my family, the small immediate one I spent my day with and the large extended one, even the in-laws. I always get so stressed and anxious before making a call and reaching out to family, but by the end of the call I feel 'man, I'm glad I made that call'.

I'm reading a plan called 'The Increase' on my bible app - and today's scripture was from John 6, that relates to Jesus feeding 5000 people. What caught my eye is the "Surely, he is the Prophet we have been expecting!" at the end. [I actually thought it would feature in today's The Promised One message at church]. Jesus performed a miracle that day, but had fulfilled prophecies prior to that. Only a miracle that put food in their stomach's got them to believe in him. I think it speaks to the short-sightedness of mankind. When you read verse 15, you might have a different understanding of the term 'Politics of the stomach', I do.