27 to 34 – made for relationship

Happy Friday.

I'm still struggling to stay consistent with these activities I committed to at the beginning, however I'm not going to beat myself up about it any longer - it's been pretty fantastic just enjoying family and friends this festive season. Everybody is usually so busy and urgently chasing life that we lose touch with each other and end up feeling isolated (if not isolating others). This is what this time of the year is good for, afterall.

Gratitude for the day then still goes to family and friends. We were anyway made for relationship.

I did go for a gym session this morning. I attended a strength training class which felt like the hardest class I ever attended. I'm now 3 sessions away from maintaining my Vitality gym discount.

We visited friends from the afternoon for drinks and a swim - The boy really really enjoyed himself. I always marvel at how kids are able to 'be' friends quickly. The three boys (our hosts have two boys) seemed like they'd been friends for a lifetime after only 2 hours. Anyway, today was mad real yo.