17 to 34 – Back to reality

I have to somehow manage to fit in my working life into this 34 day programme... but I've been mostly working all along so it shouldn't be that much difficult (keyword being shouldn't).

I'm on a new reading plan called Simplify. The devotional today asked the overwhelming question: How would God have you spend your time today? Luckily for me I already knew the answer 34 days ago:

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness... ~ Matthew 6:33 (NIV)

The great benefit of writing these blogs is that I get a second helping of what I received in the morning, and most times I find (or remember) that I did actually mull over it at some or other time in the day. I think spending more and more time under the Word will lend me that much closer to God's presence, at least that's what I want to believe.

I've spent today planning my next few moves (and spending some money 😥). Tomorrow we keep it rolling with some more planning and execution. I'm excited about the future, actually. And hey, that's a gratitude point for the day right there! Not many people are hopeful about the future, I'm grateful for my positive outlook on life.

Gym was so packed today, I struggled for parking. But after the most useless class of Cardio Kickboxing, I managed to get a sweaty 'Me too' snap with the New year, new me crowd, yay!