14 to 34 – Clarity

Since yesterday's post about my fatigue (from a lack of focus), I've taken an easier day today - so less tasks than usual, in fact, I've used today as catch up day for the loose ends. I've set up a few things around me to keep reminding me of my focus, my phone will be going off every few hours (I'm sure my Wife will be very annoyed 😆). I'm going to bed no later than 22h30 tonight - I'll know to do that going forward. With focus out of the way, another little gem of an epiphany came up on my timeline:

Productivity is a function of clarity. You can only do your best work when you know exactly what you want ~ @Rich20Something

No truer truth has ever been spoken. We must never discount the role of planning and clarity with what we are doing. The smart ones will tell you: measure twice, cut once.

Not much from an 'easy day'. Oh, except I finally got an appointment for a physiotherapist for Monday. I feel a lot better today, so depending on how strong I feel on the day, I'll go to Saturday's race.


I didn't run this morning, but I was really distracted by my phone no longer vibrating. It is such a stupid problem to have. I've since realised it's a hardware problem and there's nothing I can do about myself. I've called a few places and they want to charge me the cost of a cheap phone to have a look at mine - and that's before fixing it. I'll be the guy with the loud phone from now on.