9 to 34 – Whoops!

You'll notice I skipped a day (10 to 34). I just now figured that my countdown is off and I'll actually be 34 by the time I hit day 1 to 34. So, instead of being dodgy and fixing all other posts, I'll admit and put my mistake here for you to judge and condemn me.


I finally went to the physiotherapist today, yay. Drove out all the way out to Mokaba Lebepe Physiotherapy Inc in Mogale City. I didn't quite get what the physio lady eventually diagnosed me with (complicated words, I'll ask her though). I came out of the appointment with bandage straps around my knee. I'll be testing those for a few days and if I still get pain I'll have to take measures to sort it out either by more exercise or surgery... guess which option I'm comfortable with. But I'm glad I now know how to tie those cool looking bandage patterns like the real runners. Haha.

The boy is finally back from school holidays as at this afternoon. The relaxed evenings will be no more for the Wife and I as homework will need to be done, lunches prepared and conversations to be made (sometimes the Wife and I are able to sit together in silence, the Boy doesn't get it). The errands to get ready for school have already started, I'm sure these will be going on for the rest of the week.

Other than that, it's been a really uninteresting day.