6 to 34 – No problems here

Today has been an unvoluntary rest day. Remember how 'easy' yesterday's Big Five class and Super Circuit were? Well, they came back for me this morning and I've been an uninspired mess all day. So much so, I don't have the words for today. Now this is obviously a problem; and it just so happens I was listening to Developer Tea this afternoon about changing the angle of approach to problem solving (instead of doing the same thing over and over). One step to change your angle to solving a problem (click the link for the rest, it's a 7 minute podcast) is to step away from the problem (to give your brain some time to process what's going on).

I've been staring at my computer for a while now, so I'm stepping away... However, by the time I get back, I'll need to solve tomorrow's post - right? Problem? What problem? 😂

Good night.