4 to 34 – Grateful for miracles

Ran my 3rd race for the month this morning and finished the 43rd PwC George Claassen Memorial Road Race in just over 2h25m. Faerie Glen makes for a tough course, so I'm okay with it, more than that actually. I gave up a few times along the route and it's a miracle that I made that time.

Again I couldn't sleep after the run (after last week, maybe I should give up on that now), so I continued with Paulo:

[A miracle is] something that suddenly fills our hearts with Love. When that happens, we feel a profound reverence for the grace God has bestowed on us. ~ Paulo Coelho

I'm today particularly grateful for the everyday miracles that happen in my life, be it driving home safe to/from a run, or completing a tough run, that I didn't wake up to bad news (or get any during the day), and even if I do get bad news I can cope. I'm grateful for the miracle of not only a support system around me, but people who actually love me and want me, not things or favors from me; the miracle of freedom to be where I want to be and do what I want (well, mostly anyway); the miracle of access to a faithful God... So I pray

"Lord, give us this day our daily miracle. And forgive us if we are not always capable of recognising it." ~ Paulo Coelho (Manuscript found in Accra)

Here's a song.