Thank you and Well done, Old Mutual

The older you get, the less fanfare there is about your birthday, no one stays late until 12am to be 'the first' to wish you a happy birthday, hell, you yourself aren't even up at 12am to ring in a new age in the company of your friends with bottles of fizzy drinks in hand. Man I miss those days.

The good news is that your friends, the financial institutions, the optometrist's office, and your favorite rewards partner will do you a solid and send you tons of automated emails and/or sms' to make you feel special. Nothing like automated emails to make you feel special, right?

I was going through my emails today, and found this really well thought out newsletter from Old Mutual on my birthday:

While we're normally in the business of giving financial advice, today, our advice is to spoil yourself with something scrumptious... So, here's an amazing recipe on how to make a berry cheesecake.

Thank you Old Mutual, this is pretty cool and useful. I'm definitely trying these out.