If you’re in front of a computer

Here are some links to click while you wait to go home:

  • 5 Of The Most Unexpected Expensive Things In The World - I need this kinda money in my life.
  • Multiplicative Idiocy - Two half-wits do not equal a full-witted person, they make a quarter-witted person 😂
  • The Lion - It's not easy to please who don't know what they want... check out this voice over guy trying his utmost. Also check out my good friend Mike's voice over skills for Engaging Talent over here.
  • The Good Engine - I've been following this blog of poems for years now, catches me in the feels every damn time. More here.
  • Why Agile Is Eating The World​​ - "Agile organizations are connecting everyone and everything, everywhere, all the time. They are capable of delivering instant, intimate, frictionless value on a large scale. They are creating a world in which people, insights, and money interact quickly, easily, and cheaply."

Enjoy, and happy Friday.

What's caught your attention this week? Hit me up in the comments and let's all share.