If you’re in front of a computer

Here are some links to click while you wait to go home:

  • Politically Aweh - A new(s) kind of show they call it, and it's incredibly well done. I discovered it on The Daily Maverick and I'm hooked (and subscribed). Check out this Dr Makhosi Khoza clip.
  • Whiteboard Interview - I didn't even know this was a 'thing'. Whether you did or didn't too, this is a good reason to be prepared for one anyway:

    The problem is that when someone is writing on a piece of paper, they typically don't communicate and collaborate as much. They solve it in their own heads. It's difficult for the interview to work back-and-forth with them, as the candidate is holding on to the paper. The interviewer often can't even get a good look at what the candidate is writing, unless they're nearly hugging the candidate.

  • Falcon Heavy Test Flight - If you missed it, SpaceX launched its most powerful rocket ever. It was such an incredible thing to watch, all 34 minutes of it. You can skip to the 30 seconds countdown here. Very exciting times ahead. (Bonus link: The #BlackGirlMagic hosting the webcast is Lauren Lyons, a flight reliability engineer).
  • The art of asking “coding” questions - This really applies to asking questions in general. A lot of the time on Facebook or some or other network, a person will ask on an invitation poster "When is the event?", when all the details are all on the poster. Sometimes I think people are just lazy.
  • Feel the love this Valentine’s Day with Google Photos - I'm a big fan of Google Photo's, especially the auto-creations the assistant makes. They are mostly nice. Up until now it seems you couldn't make your own movies, so now you can make even nice movies. This'll be useful way past Valentines 😉.

Enjoy, and happy Friday.

What's caught your attention this week? Hit me up in the comments and let's all share.