Conflict Resolution, a biblical approach

I’ve been reading the book The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren for the last few weeks. I wanted to tell you why I’m reading this book and why you should too, but after 20 minutes I concede I’m not that great of a reviewer, and my strengths lie elsewhere, like copying and pasting. Here’s some […]

Back to basics

I have a love-hate relationship with Web-work. It always starts with excitement, a rush of ideas, energy, passion, and all that niceness. That’s all until the client goes, “But can we…”. It’s always a downhill from there. All the damn time. Anyway, I’ve been taking in a lot of stuff lately. Some of which from the Gang […]

Some Algebra For The Day

High school math is an awesome gift, if you remember how to use it. The thing is, I have R380 in eBucks and apparently qualify for a 20% discount. So I needed to figure out how much money I can claim to have, then activate the 20% to end up at R380. So I wrote […]

Stuff I didn’t know much about: Design Patterns

I went through the hour long video about AppFabric Caching I mentioned before, and the presenter mentioned something about Design Patterns and Gang of Four. I immediately googled it and quickly felt, why ain’t nobody tell me about this stuff? According to Wikipedia: Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software is a software engineering book […]

Stuff I didn’t know yesterday: AppFabric Cache

Only bumped into this the other day (a good 4 and a half years after is its release). As you probably would understand, Caching is storing data in a way that future requests of that data can be served faster. A distributed cache on the other hand, is an extended implementation of cache, which may […]

Lessons from Grant about Software Development

I’ve been at FedGroup Financial Services for 6 years and 5 months today. As I look forward to new opportunities and a new chapter in my life, I’ve taken some time to have a look at my tenure at the Sandown office. Overall it’s been a fantastic experience. But as life goes, it’s not always […]

A tale of the fitbit bands, a math wiz and Superbalist

I’ve been dragging my feet about buying a set of replacement bands for my fitbit flex wireless tracker for the last month. I mean that literally… because if I’m not earning steps, there’s really no point in ‘clocking up steps’. Anyway, I found the R399 price tag excessive but because I have no choice, I committed […]