A tale of the fitbit bands, a math wiz and Superbalist

I’ve been dragging my feet about buying a set of replacement bands for my fitbit flex wireless trackerĀ for the last month. I mean that literally… because if I’m not earning steps, there’s really no point in ‘clocking up steps’. Anyway, I found the R399 price tag excessive but because I have no choice, I committed […]

If you were to personalise your number plate

So you’re looking for a some decent English words that you can personalise your number plate with? Well, you’ve come to the right place this is your first port of call. As mentioned in a previous article, I wrote a bit of code, which I’ll share below, to help figure out these words. Here: There’s […]

Cool Sheet I Did Today

It’s been a hectic last couple of days, between month-end at work, trips to Mafikeng and some important meetings, I ain’t had time to tell you how awesome I been… until now. I did the crazy thing and walked all the way from fiance’s office in Randburg to my office in Sandown. It was actually […]

If I Were To Personalise My Number Plate

Yesterday morningĀ on my commute to work I saw the number plate GR00VY GP, and I thought to myself, ‘oi, that’s a groovy number plate’, then asked myself, ‘really dude?’. Yeah, I talk to myself. Then I wondered to myself, if I were to ‘semi-personalise’ my Gauteng Province number plates, what would they be… But because […]

Migrating my Google account

I turned a year older the other day, and with maturity I decided to let go of my old Google handle for a more grown up one. I honestly don’t remember, nor can I rationalise that handle. Anyway, I followed this easy guide from Lifehacker, which starts with the following words (proving I’m not alone): […]