Some new words and phrases I learnt

A few months ago I had a few chuckles over a LinkedIn article about Workplace cliche’s which landed in my inbox. So I figured I should touch base here and talk about some new terms that have come up into my vocabulary in the last few weeks. We’ve been working with BBD on a project at work for […]

String.Format(“Stuff {0} didn’t know”, _pronoun);

I’ve been doing a bit of code cleanup and refactoring lately, and as part of said refactoring, ended up replacing a lot of concatenated strings with String.Format(), I wasn’t sure where I picked up this String.Format() habit and why I do it, so naturally, I googled it and ended up at this enlightening SO article. Other than improve […]

Stuff I didn’t know yesterday: Leap years

Somewhere between being a bouncy hungry to learn everything teen and boring 9-to-5’er, I rounded up a full year to 365.25 days. It’s actually 365.24219 days, which makes my year longer by over 11 minutes. It would be July 15, 2017 today if no Leap Day existed. (via This Isn’t Happiness) Anyway, I know we use the […]

Conflict Resolution, a biblical approach

I’ve been reading the book The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren for the last few weeks. I wanted to tell you why I’m reading this book and why you should too, but after 20 minutes I concede I’m not that great of a reviewer, and my strengths lie elsewhere, like copying and pasting. Here’s some […]

Back to basics

I have a love-hate relationship with Web-work. It always starts with excitement, a rush of ideas, energy, passion, and all that niceness. That’s all until the client goes, “But can we…”. It’s always a downhill from there. All the damn time. Anyway, I’ve been taking in a lot of stuff lately. Some of which from the Gang […]

Some Algebra For The Day

High school math is an awesome gift, if you remember how to use it. The thing is, I have R380 in eBucks and apparently qualify for a 20% discount. So I needed to figure out how much money I can claim to have, then activate the 20% to end up at R380. So I wrote […]

Stuff I didn’t know much about: Design Patterns

I went through the hour long video about AppFabric Caching I mentioned before, and the presenter mentioned something about Design Patterns and Gang of Four. I immediately googled it and quickly felt, why ain’t nobody tell me about this stuff? According to Wikipedia: Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software is a software engineering book […]

Stuff I didn’t know yesterday: AppFabric Cache

Only bumped into this the other day (a good 4 and a half years after is its release). As you probably would understand, Caching is storing data in a way that future requests of that data can be served faster. A distributed cache on the other hand, is an extended implementation of cache, which may […]

Lessons from Grant about Software Development

I’ve been at FedGroup Financial Services for 6 years and 5 months today. As I look forward to new opportunities and a new chapter in my life, I’ve taken some time to have a look at my tenure at the Sandown office. Overall it’s been a fantastic experience. But as life goes, it’s not always […]

Stuff I didn’t know yesterday

Stuff about the Congo Pedicle road: The Congo Pedicle road is a road that crosses through the Democratic Republic of Congo, from the Republic of Zambia to, wait for it, the Republic of Zambia. You could literally leave one side of Zambia, drive in a straight line for under 2 hours and end up in Zambia […]