Save 7 lives

Meet Coleman Sweeney: Great video, right? Anyway, a few weeks ago I finally got around to doing my last Will and Testament. Capital Legacy helped me get mine… it’s free. Anyway, one of the questions they asked me when I was considering my mortality is if I would like to become an organ donor. I didn’t answer […]

You’re doing it wrong: Newsletter Marketing

A few weeks ago I meant to write an article titled “When daily deal marketing goes wrong.” It would have been inspired by two newsletters I received in that week. The first from Incredible Connection who sent me a ‘deal of the day’ email at 16h03 (that’s less than 8 hours to take advantage of […]

Stuff I didn’t know yesterday

Stuff about Burundi: The Republic of Burundi is a Central African country. They’re in the African Great Lakes region and is bordered by Lake Tanganyika (a great lake), this is fascinating because they’re technically not land locked. Burundi and Rwanda host the Hutu and Tutsi peoples of the much documented genocide – that’s stuff I’m gonna […]

Hello world! Again!

So, I plan to start writing again… I used to enjoy writing random stuff and contributing to the ‘stuff that no-one will ever read’ category of content on the interwebs. Call this a comeback. This wordpress blog is the evolution of the previous static page that used to redirect from this domain. It […]

How turning off my ringtone worked out

A few years ago I put my phone on vibration only (killing off the ringtone). I’ve since felt lighter since and it’s helped me overcome two issues: Ringing phone anxiety: that feeling that you heard your phone ring, but it didn’t? Well that’s gone now. No more constant checking of my phone because I thought […]

I just donated to Wikipedia!

I just donated to Wikipedia! I want to say I do this because of the wealth of information I get from Wikipedia or from the ‘goodness of my heart’, but truth is I did this a few years ago and they hound me every year to keep it up. on the real though, Wikipedia’s freakin’ […]

#TermOfTheDay: Square

While watching the finals of the #fwc2014 last night, the commentator said something to the effect: ‘Germany will be relieved to go to halftime with the score still square’. And I think for the first time I considered what the square in ‘fair and square’ means and I came to deduction that it must have […]

#TermOfTheDay: Bootstrapping

In general parlance, bootstrapping usually refers to the starting of a self-sustaining process that is supposed to proceed without external input. In computer technology the term (usually shortened to booting) usually refers to the process of loading the basic software into the memory of a computer after power-on or general reset, especially the operating system […]


Is it generally acceptable now to make midget jokes? I thought comedians were the only people with a license to make racist, sexist and midget jokes but it looks like everyone is joining in on the madness. Or maybe the person who wrote this is a midget themselves? Who knows?! It’s a fine line this […]