If you’re spending the weekend in front of a computer

Here’s some cool links to hold you down over the weekend: The New International Sound Pt. II – China’s biggest fighting school for kids (via The Daily Maverick). Stop your back getting sore – summary: keep moving. 15 signs you’re doing better you think you are – give yourself a break, seriously. Why #FeesMustFall – this […]

If you were to personalise your number plate

So you’re looking for a some decent English words that you can personalise your number plate with? Well, you’ve come to the right place this is your first port of call. As mentioned in a previous article, I wrote a bit of code, which I’ll share below, to help figure out these words. Here: There’s […]

If you’re spending the weekend in front of a computer

Here’s some cool links to hold you down over the weekend: Imagination – awesome stop motion video. (via gizmodo) lizclimo tumblr – a collection awwww’s… this is my fav. (via how to be a dad) In the castle of my skin – some dudes from with mad pantsula skills. (via okayplayer) Reach your goals in […]

Stuff I didn’t know yesterday

Stuff about the Congo Pedicle road: The Congo Pedicle road is a road that crosses through the Democratic Republic of Congo, from the Republic of Zambia to, wait for it, the Republic of Zambia. You could literally leave one side of Zambia, drive in a straight line for under 2 hours and end up in Zambia […]

Cool Sheet I Did Today

It’s been a hectic last couple of days, between month-end at work, trips to Mafikeng and some important meetings, I ain’t had time to tell you how awesome I been… until now. I did the crazy thing and walked all the way from fiance’s office in Randburg to my office in Sandown. It was actually […]

If I Were To Personalise My Number Plate

Yesterday morning on my commute to work I saw the number plate GR00VY GP, and I thought to myself, ‘oi, that’s a groovy number plate’, then asked myself, ‘really dude?’. Yeah, I talk to myself. Then I wondered to myself, if I were to ‘semi-personalise’ my Gauteng Province number plates, what would they be… But because […]

There is no such thing as a dumb user…

There is no such thing as a dumb user. There are only dumb products. – Timothy Prestero And that boys and girls is our quotable quote of the day. Found this in a mailer from Hostmonster, decided to google it and found a linkedIn article by Massimo Zefferino instead. A few things that hit me hard in […]

Stuff I didn’t know yesterday

Stuff about Burundi: The Republic of Burundi is a Central African country. They’re in the African Great Lakes region and is bordered by Lake Tanganyika (a great lake), this is fascinating because they’re technically not land locked. Burundi and Rwanda host the Hutu and Tutsi peoples of the much documented genocide – that’s stuff I’m gonna […]

Stuff I didn’t know yesterday

Stuff about Morocco: Casablanca is a city in Morocco, but the capital city is Rabat instead. Morocco is a kingdom and is officially called The Kingdom of Morocco. I would have guessed they speak Arabic. Bonus fact: the Sahara is Arabic for ‘the Greatest Desert’, Morocco is on the Western-Sahara. Stuff about SQL In the last […]

Hello world! Again!

So, I plan to start writing again… I used to enjoy writing random stuff and contributing to the ‘stuff that no-one will ever read’ category of content on the interwebs. Call this a comeback. This wordpress blog is the evolution of the previous static about.me page that used to redirect from this lesegoraleie.info domain. It […]