35 in 29 – The heat is on fire

Drove to Mafikeng today. This place is so hot, I find it hard to imagine I grew up here. How did I survive? To be fair, there's a heat wave making its way across much of the central and northern regions of the country and social media is abuzz with humor about the heat. My favorite: "This heat has made me realize I won't be able to handle hell, I need to get my life right."

Before we left I finally took some time to clear up the Boy's wardrobe and school things. I just didn't want to have the holidays go past with his room looking like he's going to school the next day. So all is packed away and old school material binned. I'll be buying stationery and covering books in the next few days.

I'll be spending a little quality time with family while home in Mafikeng and of course spending money not budgeted for. *hides*