35 in 18 – Possibilities

I found myself grateful for 'good teeth' this afternoon on our drive back home from church. You see, I've had notoriously sensitive teeth for the longest time and after having switched toothpaste (ahem, Sensodyme), I'm became aware that it's worked. The family and I usually stop for ice-cream on our way home after church on Sundays. It's a thing, and probably so because moreki doesn't have sensitive teeth.

Speaking of church, first Sunday was great - just the right message going into the new year: Create a new year through new thinking. "Your body ends up where you mind is" was my takeaway quote of the day. We need to think and create the possibilities we want to live. I do think a lot, and this was a reassuring message that none of it is in vain. I do however need to more and more improve my thinking, by consuming the right material and surrounding myself with the right people.

And speaking of people, I've been struggling in that department. In fact, I only wished someone a happy birthday because I was about to write this post. It was a nice little feeling afterwards though. Will try keep it up.